Open Public Record and Cost Policy       

$0.35 a page for copies
VHS video copied  $15.00 (allow up to 10 days, with proper release*)
CD of video copied  $15.00 (allow up to 10 days, with proper release*)
Photo CD copied  $ 5.00 (allow up to 5 days)
Photo page of CD pictures $1.00 per page
35 mm film picture copied at cost of reprints (allow processing time from outside business)
Driver’s license record check $11.00 (with proper identification)

*proper release: court order or subpoena

Page One of Kansas Offense Report.
(No juvenile records will be released) All Social Security and drivers license numbers will be removed. DUI results nor autopsy reports will be released by this agency.
Kansas Arrest Reports are not public record.
Register of Persons Charge (arrest sheet) is public information. (No juvenile records will be released)
Accident reports are open public record.
Federal Agencies and Military with investigative power and a signed release may obtain criminal history including juvenile records.
Any other agencies or persons requesting record checks may contact the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.
Any offense report or accident report older than three (3) years may take up to five (5) days to locate and copy. The cost per page will be $1.00.

This policy will be effective until March 1, 2006.

Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, are the normal operating hours to receive copies of reports. The Records Clerk for Osage County Sheriff’s Office is Bonnie Feliciano. Other arrangements to pickup reports can be made by contacting Mrs. Feliciano during those hours. Other questions or requests which are not explained in this policy are to be directed to Sheriff Wells.